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Genetically humans are 99,9% the same... why not find out what makes you unique


What AthGene can tell you

  • Fitness

How to become a better athlete

Discover how your body reacts to different forms of exercise – based on your genes – so that you can optimize your training, and reach your goals faster.

  • Nutrition

How to optimize your Nutrition

Your body’s nutritional needs are influenced by three factors: lifestyle, environment, and genes. Use your genetic insights to find the optimal diet for you.

  • Lifestyle

How to live a healthier Lifestyle

Understand the link between your day-to-day habits and your genes, so that you can make better choices and live a healthier lifestyle.

Get started today

Pick your Product

Everybody has different goals, which is why we believe in customization. Pick the product that suits your needs, and make your order.

Take the test

Once you’ve ordered your product, we’ll send you a test straight away. You take the simple saliva test. Then register the test on the platform.

Kit to the Lab

Send the test back to our laboratory - using the return label which is already on the box. Our laboratory will then analyze the sample.

Access your DNA

We inform you when your results are ready. Log into the platform and explore your unique genetic profile. Our actionable insights will help you to improve your Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle.


The AthGene Platform

AthGene is the world’s first subscription-based genetics platform offering a 100% personalized and customizable experience. Our powerful algorithms convert your individual genetic code into easy-to-understand, actionable insights.

  • Intuitive dashboard

  • Personalized & Customizable

  • Lists Actionable Insights

  • Safe and Secure

  • 20+ Categories

  • Continually adding new categories

  • Accessible everywhere

  • Science made simple

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