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You are unique, and just like every sport challenges an athlete’s physical capabilities in a different way, every person’s body functions in a different way. This is precisely why some people build muscle easily or get fitter faster, while other people simply don’t – no matter how many hours they spend in the gym or on the track.

Whether you’re a part time jogger or a professional athlete, your genes play a vital role in how your body reacts to different forms of exercises. Because of this, knowing your body’s genetic profile can help you to make informed choices about your training, and improve your performance in less time.

What Insights you get from AthGene FITNESS


Discover how your body reacts to different forms of exercise – based on your genes – so that you can optimize your training, and reach your goals faster.

As you train to improve your performance and reach your fitness goals, it’s important that you know what your genetic baseline is – essentially your body’s potential, based on your genetic profile. This knowledge can help you to make the right choice of exercise for your body so that you can reach your performance goals faster.

AthGene Fitness can give you tailored insights based on your genetic profile, and tell you:


Whether you are made for Power or Endurance

Whether you have fast or slow twitch muscles

If you have a high VO2 Max
How quickly you gain muscle mass

 If you have the ‘Sprint Gene’


Injuries are a nightmare for every active gym user, athlete, or sports enthusiast as they can often lead to long pauses in training. This results in a setback in training progress and decreases performance levels. Thankfully, since your DNA also determines how strong your bones and soft tissues are, learning more about your genes can give you insights into how to prevent injuries.

AthGene Fitness can give you insights based on your genetic profile, and tell you: 


How prone am I to ligament / tendon injury? How prone am I to muscle injury?

A major part of achieving your performance goals, is down to your diet. If you don’t eat according to your unique nutritional needs, you won’t maximize your gains in the gym, on the track or sports field.

AthGene Fitness can give you tailored insights based on your genetic profile, and tell you:


Do I have a high sensitivity to coffee?

Do I need more iron in my diet?

Do I absorb fats easily?

How well do I process carbohydrates?

Want more genetic insights?

With AthGene you always have access to the latest genetic insights.

 Besides what we offer now within AthGene Fitness, AthGene Nutrition and AthGene Lifestyle, we also give you access to new genetic insights – which we are constantly developing. And because of our advanced DNA analysis, you only ever have to take our gene test once.  

Additional genetic insights can be purchased on the AthGene Platform. 

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What more do you get

New Genetic Insights

We stay up-to-date with genetic research, so that we can create additional genetic insights and deliver the newest science to you

Full Customization

We allow you to pick the additional genetic insights you want, so you get the knowledge you need. Everyone has different goals - get the insights that help you reach yours

Access to your Genes

By testing more than 240.000 gene markers, we can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your genetic makeup. All we need is one DNA sample.

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