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One test is all you need

A quick saliva swab to collect your DNA

4 simple steps to access your Genes

Pick your product

Everybody has different goals, this is why we believe in customization. Just pick the product that suits you best. This way, you will get the the knowledge you need to reach your goals and gain insights into what matter to you the most.

Take the test

Once you have picked and ordered your product, you will receive your test kit. With the test kit it is easy to collect your DNA from a simple saliva swab. This is a quick and easy process and will give us everything we need to give the information you need to improve your Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle choices.

Kit to the Lab

Now that you have collected the sample, it’s time to send it back to us. We will safely bring it to our laboratory, where your sample will be analysed. This process usually takes 6-8 weeks and in the meantime you will receive interesting stories and facts about how AthGene works and what your genes can say about you.

Access your DNA

We will inform you when your insights are ready. Just log into your profile on the AthGene Platform and explore your unique genetic profile. You can use the information to improve your Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle and make choices that can improve your health and wellbeing.

Access your DNA on the AthGene Platform


Once you receive your results you can access your genetic information together with actionable insights directly from your own profile on the AthGene platform. 


Depending on the product you pick you have preselected genetic insights you will get. However, you are not limited to those. If at any point you want to get additional genetic information you can simply buy additional insights on the AthGene platform. 


Every insight gives you a general introduction to the topic followed by your specific genetic result and insights of what that actually means.


This information will help you make better decisions in your training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

How long does the process take?

It takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks for your test results to be processed. Keep in mind that this time range is an estimate. You will be kept informed about the status of your sample via e-mail.

Once your results are ready you will receive an email informing you of this.

Who should get tested?

Our test is developed for adults, from 18 years. We do not believe in testing children. Simply because it is our belief that kids should be kids.

And parents should not make decisions for them based on their genes.

Where do I find my results?

No data or reports are provided over e-mail, therefore in order to access your results, you will have to log-in to your profile via our web page using your username and password

Is my Information shared with third parties?

We comply with all the regulations of the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet). Therefore, all the information that you provide us with is highly secured and we do not share it with third parties.

Your Privacy

We take data security seriously. To keep your personal information safe and secure, we use a variety of technical and physical measures and encrypt our website connections using SSL.   We stay up to date with the latest technological standards to keep your personal information safe and to prevent unauthorized access.


In addition to that, we follow the EU regulated data protection laws and guidelines and comply with the regulations of the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet). Using all these different measures, we do everything in our power to keep your data secure. But remember: Personal information is also part of your responsibility, which is why we ask you to keep your password and authentication data safe.

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Understand the Technology


AthGene offers a personalised DNA service. We provide information and advice to individuals based on their DNA. We use the Illumina Infinium Exome-24 v1.0 format chip (shown here). Our chip consists of a predesigned panel and a custom panel of probes for detecting genetic variations selected by our researchers. We selected these specific genetic varatiation to maximize fitness, nutrition and lifestyle features available to you, as well as offering flexibility to our science team.  


The laboratory testing for AthGene is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (International Certification for Quality Management System) certified. All of our tests are done in a CLIA -Certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) laboratory.