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Unlock Your Full Fitness Genetics Potential with AthGene.
Have you ever wandered what sorts of exercises work best for you as a unique individual? Or have you ever struggled to achieve your desired physical results? Whether your personal goals are to lose a bit of weight or to gain some extra muscle mass, your AthGene results can help you discover exactly how your body works so that you can start training smarter, not harder.

Discover your bodies natural fitness genetics potential by importing your 23andMe results onto the AthGene platform – for FREE
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  • AthGene Fitness

    Become a better Athlete

    Whether you’re a part time jogger or a professional athlete, your genes play a vital role in how your body reacts to different forms of exercises. Because of this, knowing your body’s genetic profile can help you to make informed choices about your training, and improve your performance in less time.

  • AthGene Nutrition

    Connect your body, diet and genes

    Because each one of us is unique, diets affect us in different ways. Foods that are good for others can be bad for you, and vice versa. Having knowledge about your DNA can therefore help you to understand what diet works best for you. By knowing which foods your body thrives on and your intolerances, you can adjust your nutritional needs to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • AthGene Lifestyle

    Live healthier based on your Genes

    Some lifestyle factors like the clothes we wear and what music we listen to, are part of our social life, yet others are influenced by your unique genetic profile. Having information on how your genes influence your life allows you to create healthier habits. By understanding your cravings, you can take action, and be more aware of how your genes affect your lifestyle.