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Connect your body, diet and genes

The secret to the one optimal diet for everybody does not exist because age, gender and one’s genes are all factors that determine what works best for you as an individual.


Because each one of us is unique, diets affect us in different ways. Foods that are good for others can be bad for you, and vice versa. Having knowledge about your DNA can therefore help you to understand what diet works best for you. By knowing which foods your body thrives on and your intolerances, you can adjust your nutritional needs to live a healthier lifestyle.

What Insights you get from AthGene NUTRITION



Your body’s nutritional needs are influenced by three factors: lifestyle, environment, and genes. Use your genetic insights to find the optimal diet for you.


Your nutrition is an important part of maintaining a healthy body weight. Managing your weight is a long-term approach to a healthy lifestyle. It includes both healthy eating and physical exercise to ensure your body balances the energy it burns, with the energy it absorbs.


AthGene Nutrition can give you tailored insights based on your genetic profile, and tell you:


If your body needs more good fats

If you have a regular appetite

If you have a sweet tooth

If you have the ‘Fat Gene’

How well your body is able to break down food and absorb the nutrients you need is a vital part of your nutrition.

It is also valuable to know what intolerances to food you have so that you can adjust your diet and live a healthier life.

AthGene Nutrition can give you tailored insights based on your genetic profile, and tell you:


If you are predisposed to having irritable bowel syndrome
If you are lactose intolerant

 If you are gluten intolerant

Vitamins and minerals are considered to be essential nutrients because they perform many vital roles in your body. They help support bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system. They also convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage. Therefore it is important to know that you are getting enough – your genetic profile can tell you if you are.

AthGene Nutrition can give you tailored insights based on your genetic profile, and tell you:  

If you need more iron in your diet

If you are getting enough vitamins A, B9, B12, C, D, E

Want more genetic insights?

With AthGene you always have access to the latest genetic insights.

 Besides what we offer now within AthGene Fitness, AthGene Nutrition and AthGene Lifestyle, we also give you access to new genetic insights – which we are constantly developing. And because of our advanced DNA analysis, you only ever have to take our gene test once.

 Additional genetic insights can be purchased on the AthGene Platform

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The Fat Gene

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What more do you get

New Genetic Insights

We stay up-to-date with gene research, so that we can create additional genetic insights and deliver the newest science to you

Full Customization

We allow you to pick the genetic insights you want, so you get the knowledge you need. Everyone has different goals - get the insights that help you reach yours

Access to your Genes

By testing more than 240.000 gene markers, we can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your genetic makeup. All we need is one DNA sample.

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