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Who we are

We are a team of geneticists and avid technologists who believe in a future in which individuals have democratised access to their unique genetic information. We believe in people empowerment, and thus strive to work hard everyday so that you can gain an insight into your body’s inner secrets and unlock your full potential. We are dedicated to granting access to your unique fitness and nutritional-related genetic information.

Our Team

  • Yusufa Sey

Yusufa Sey


I am a proud “Nomad” who has spent years living in 4 countries across 3 continents and thus feel comfortable working with people from diverse cultures and with different skill sets. I am currently leading AthGene which is on a mission to redefine the way in which people determine how to lead their lives. I believe that future is one in which everyone has access to their genetic information, as well as the tools they need in order to take action based on that precious information. I believe that future is already here.

Sebastian Thomsen


I am a traveler and avid technologist. I have during my career had the pleasure of working with a wide range of technologies. The highlights are as follows. I have done research within biotechnology, specifically biodiesel. I’ve build physical robots and build models along with designing drivers to control them. I’ve furthermore been part of a 4 man team designing control software for the satellite Solar Orbiter, that’s heading towards the sun. I am currently leading the development of our technological infrastructure covering everything from genetics to logistics.

  • Sebastian Thomsen
  • Theis Jakobsen

Theis Thorn Jakobsen


I am an analytical person who enjoys finding patterns in data and making predictions – so it’s not surprising that I am a trained Bioinformatician. I am curious by nature which has put me on a neverending exploratory quest, ranging from building small gadgets that control my lights, to web development, and analysing big data sets.

My real passion is traveling. I love exploring new places (mostly through my diving goggles) and to me, nothing is better than lying on warm beach sand with a cold beer in my hand.

Team Members

I am an enthusiastic, scientifically minded, people person, interested in the therapeutic potential of research and cell biology.
Katie Andersen
Chief Scientific Officer
Since the start, I have worn many hats, business development, finance, marketing, and communication. As a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.
Philipp Schwoerer
Chief Marketing Officer
I’m an analytically minded online marketing manager who believes in connecting with customers through honest communication and good content. In my spare time I am fortunate to be involved as a national team coach with a sport I am passionate about, rugby union.
Brad Diamandis
Marketing Manager