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Answers to a ton of questions!

Access to your DNA

With a simple saliva test, that you can take at home, we are able to collect your DNA, and have it analyzed at our laboratory

Genetic Insights

We developed key genetic insights to answer a ton of questions so you can discover how your body really works.

Our Platform

Your profile genetic results, as well as actionable insights, will be accessible to you 24/7 on our platform

Access to your DNA

Genetically humans are 99,9% the same... why not find out what makes  you unique

 At present, AthGene test more than 240.000 gene data points (SNP’s), among the leaders in our industry. This means that we have a lot of genetic information that hasn’t yet been developed into categories. So we have plenty in store for you, and you only have to take the test once.

Genetic Insights

Fitness Insights

Our genes play a vital role in how we are built, and how our muscles react to different types of exercises. Because of this, knowing which types of muscles you have – according to your genetic makeup – can help you to make informed choices about your training and improve your results, in less time.

Nutrition Insights

Because each one of us is unique, diets affect us in different ways. Having knowledge about your DNA can therefore help you to understand what diet works best for you. By knowing which foods your body thrives on and your intolerances, you can adjust your nutritional needs to live a healthier lifestyle.

Lifestyle Insights

Having information about how your genes influence your day-to-day life allows you to create healthier habits. Understanding your cravings, you can take action and be more aware of how your genes affect your lifestyle.

Our Platform

The AthGene Platform is where you are able to view your unique genetic results, the genes we base your results on, and the tailored advice we offer so that you can live a healthier life – according to your genes.


Science made Simple

we take the science out of the lab and deliver it to your laptop or mobile device in an easy to understand way

New Science

we frequently validate our findings and stay up-to-date with the latest scientific research.


as some categories are more researched than others, we offer you ‘confidence score’ on each gene and category. This tells you how well they have been researched, or whether they are newly researched science.