Make better decisions
based on your genes

Make better decisions
based on your genes

Athgene offers genetic insights into your body’s fitness preferences, so you can get the most out of your daily life.

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Muscle Recovery Time, discover what your Stamina Profile is, and unlock your Power Profile

Learn about your Muscle Recovery Time, discover what your Stamina Profile is, and unlock your Power Profile, so that you can start getting better results from your work-out routines.

Your body's unique nutritional requirements are influenced by your lifestyle, your environment, as well as your genes. Use your genes to get a better understanding of your optimal food composition.

By learning about what your body's ideal sleeping patterns

By learning about what your body's ideal sleeping patterns are, you can optimise your sleep cycle and ensure that you are always performing at your best.

Unique insights about you

Determining your genetic makeup as it relates to fitness, nutrition, sleep and injury could not be more simple, thanks to AthGene.

A unique experience that comes in a unique box

Find out what your Injury Risk Profile is so that you can be aware of how best to structure your training, as well as what preventative measures you can take in order to protect yourself.

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It all begins with the Sign Up. A few simple steps is all it takes. Place your order with us, and in a few short days your AthGene testing kit will arrive on your doorstep.


Using the mouth swab provided, your cells are gathered, capturing your precious DNA.


Once you’ve used the kit, pop the mouth swab in the envelope we provide you and return it to us — determine your genetic makeup has never been more simple.

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Get access to your genetic information on your own personal dashboard. Complete with explanation of what makes you, you! We advise you on how to use your genetic information to improve your training, dieting or sleeping.

What our customers say

"I learned some very interesting things about myself."

– Analisa Winther

"My results were good and I learned about what carbohydrates to eat and what I should eat more of and what I should eat less of– and most importantly why!"

– Martin Fritzen

"Learning that my body reacts well to both cardio and weights, I decided to change up my routine. With that change, my body transformed at a WAY faster pace then usual."

– Suzana Barbosa

With knowledge about which kind of training I naturally excel at, and which sort of diets work best for my body, I have, together with my knowledge as personal trainer, been able to create a very specific and precise plan enabling me to achieve my goals more efficient."

– Founder of Kayser Fitness, Michael Kayser

Validated by science

Your genetic profile is validated by modern science. We gather scientific literature that describes the effect of your gene variants. We have sorted this material and made it available to you in our literary list of sources.

Literature List

Introducing our partner

Running 26 is a Danish-based company that in more that 10 years has delivered training plans and counseling for companies and individuals. Now they are official partners of Athgene.